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June 09, 2021

5 Tips for 1st Time Online Wine Buyers

While Vinebase makes it easier for you to shop directly from wineries, we also care deeply about it being easy to buy wine online.

Part of the fun of buying wine online is that you have to deal with alcohol deliveries. Specifically, being home to sign for your delivery and show that you are 21+.

We've ordered tons of wine online over the years, and wanted to share our top tips for making sure delivery is easy peasy!

1. Get your tracking code

All wineries on Vinebase are required to share the tracking code from Fedex, UPS, or DHL when they ship your order. From here, you'll get a text and/or email with the tracking number and a page to see the status of your shipment.

2. Plan to be home for the expected delivery date.

Since you will have to sign and verify you are 21+ upon delivery, it's best to plan to be home for the day when your wine is expected to arrive and available to hear the delivery person knocking on your door. 

3. If you won't be home, make plans to re-route your package.

Fedex partners with Walgreens to offer a free re-routing service. All you need to do is go to fedex.com and select "Hold at location" and then you can pick your wine up from your preferred Walgreens in the next 5 days.

UPS offers a similar re-route service to the nearest UPS customer center, however they do charge a small fee.

Either way, re-routing your package is one of the best ways to ensure your wine is delivered successfully and it doesn't get sent back to the winery.

4. Consider shipping to a work location if allowed.

Often times, a work location or front desk of an apartment complex will have a policy where they allow residents/employees to ship items that need a signature. 

5. Reach out if you have had a failed delivery.

UPS and Fedex will make 3 attempts to delivery your wine before they send it back to the winery, who will then have to re-ship to you. This can get very costly, especially for long distance shipping.

If you have a failed delivery and aren't sure what to do, our Vinebase team is here to help - email us at support@vinebase.com.

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