Cabernet Sauvignon Three Gardens, 2019

Cabernet Sauvignon Three Gardens, 2019

This is our 2019 Three Gardens Cabernet Sauvignon. As we mentioned before, we farm tiny vineyards around Napa Valley. They're basically backyard vineyards too big for the owners to take care of them and too small for bigger wineries to do something with them, so we find them and make wine from the fruit. The wine is named "Three Gardens" because we started with three different vineyards and we picked them and fermented them separately, and then blend them. The total is one barrel... twenty-five cases is all we have of this wine. It's also reflecting our use of whole-cluster, which is very uncommon with Cabernet Sauvignon. Most people are afraid of it because it can make green flavors, but because we dry farm, all of our vineyards the flavors are really ripe.

The stems are really ripe, in particular. We end up being able to make a very fresh, beautiful fragrant wine by fermenting whole-cluster. And it also preserves beautiful freshness to the fruit while also allowing for some complexity to evolve in the barrel. Yeah. And I believe even though it's a Cabernet from Napa Valley, it really differs from the usual Cabernet from Napa valley.

Hope you enjoy!

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