Fizzy Spell Sparkling

Fizzy Spell Sparkling 4-pack of 250mL Cans, N.V.

On a summer day, when we were floating down the Russian River, which is actually just about a mile from here, we were really thirsty. Beer wasn't really cutting it. And so we decided to can some of our Riesling. This is a blend of Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc, and it has a light spritz, almost like a Guinness creamy spritz.

This is created by nitrogen. So in the can, it's not only CO2, but we experimented with more nitrogen than what you usually put in a can. Not to have a LaCroix-like effect, but to create more of like a creamy texture. The wine's acidity cuts right through it, so you end up with this lemony, almost creamsicle flavor on the palette.

It's only 11% alcohol, so pretty easy to drink, even though one of these is a third of a bottle of wine. We sell it in four-packs. You get basically a liter per four-pack and it's perfect to split on the river or on a hot day at the beach. But it also works for parties. If you just want to be responsible and have something a little more recyclable, and something that you can drink casually and just enjoy, Fizzy Spells is perfect for that.

The label itself, that was mostly James in one afternoon. He put together pieces of art and created the floating castle.

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