Fountaingrove Dry Riesling, 2020

Riesling Fountaingrove, 2020

This is our Fountaingrove Dry Riesling, 2020. We've been looking to make Riesling for quite a long time. We found a bottle of Riesling from a bottle shop in Santa Rosa last year and fell in love with it. James chased down the producer and got the contact of the vineyard.

We were able to source fruit from there, that being our first-time last year. It's a very cool site because part of the Riesling is up on a mountainside, and part of it is down by a Creek. So both of the soils are very rocky, but they have very different styles. We make this in a way that it ends up being a dry Riesling.

, It's very light, very fresh, very floral, has a lot of great acidity. So it's basically like squirting a lemon on your food. It brings the flavor out of anything you have, and it's especially good with Asian flavors.

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