SB White Blend Tasting Notes & Pairings

Sauvignon Blanc SB White Blend, 2018

The SB white blend is crisp. It's refreshing, it's full of lemon and lime flavors. And that's from the Sauvignon Blanc. We blend in, just a little bit of Muscat, less than 1%. What that does is instead of getting really sharp, really acidic, heading into the grapefruits, it brings it down a notch. It makes it a little smoother, a little more drinkable, a little bit easier to pair, and it adds just a hint of the tropics.

So when you smell it, you get a little bit of guava. On the palette, perhaps it's a kiss of pineapple, but it is not sweet. It is refreshing. It is crisp and it is so fun with things like fish tacos and barbecue and all kinds of other things. Serve it really cold, straight out of the freezer. As long as it doesn't freeze, SB white blend.

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