How Smith Devereux Started

Smith Devereux

After writing about wine for about 10 years and telling all kinds of beautiful stories about winemakers, founders, and vintners from all over the world, I decided that I wanted to start telling a story of my own. One of my best friends was a, is still a farmer. And I asked him, I said, Hey man, do you want to do something together?

And he said, yeah, I'm so sick of selling these grapes. Let's start farming together. Let's start making everything. From vine to bottle, let's do everything from scratch. And that was what I was most excited about was starting to tell my own story about doing everything from the earth, all the way to the bottle, about the creativity, about the artisianship, and about creating something that I could share with people that I love and doing it in an authentic and genuine way.

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