Proud to be First-Generation

Smith Devereux

This is a first-generation winery and, that makes us first-generation winemakers. That's something I'm actually really proud of. And the reason for that is I didn't come from a bunch of money. I didn't come from a background in wine, or farming. I came from a background story-telling. And what I love is to tell the story and I love tractors and farmers, and the reality that you're hearing behind this, I love telling these stories and I love being a part of the earth.

And for me being first-generation. I'm an entrepreneur at heart. I'm someone who wants to create new things and who wants to listen to people like you and make things that you want to drink. And because I may not have as much history as others, it allows me to keep an open mind and I love having an open mind and I love a world that's open-minded.

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