What to Expect in the Glass

Sonoma Rosé Pinot Noir, 2019

My Bruliam wines rosé of pinot noir is actually a cuvee. And what that means is the rosé has juice from all of the different pinot noir vineyards that I use. This wine is made through a method called saignée, SAIGNEE, which is from the French verb saignée (to bleed) and what that means is I "bleed" off, or I remove a little bit of the juice from the fermentation tank right when those grapes get dumped into the tank and that pink barely hued juice is removed and separated and fermented to become rosé.
Every bottle of my rosé of pinot noir is topped with a little dollop of sparkly pink wax. And each of those dollops are applied by hand and using a hot glue gun.

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