Charismatic Fool Tasting Notes & Pairings

Sparkling Pinot Noir Charismatic Fool Sparkling Rosé, N.V.

This is the Charismatic Fool sparkling rosé. Made about 88 cases. It's like 70 different varietals that go into this.

This wine is crisp and refreshing best served cold. My favorite thing to pair this with is breakfast. I love it with really savory things. I love it with eggs. I love it with hollandaise sauce, but the other thing that's really cool about this is you can put a bowl of berries out, um, sweet berries, and then like a sweet fruit.

So then you could put raspberries and if you put raspberries in here, it's going to make it super tart and you put a peach in here. It's gonna make it really sweet. So it's a playful one. It's really all about enjoying the day. It's about celebrating life. Hey, it's about being a charismatic fool.

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