Barnaby - Meet Our Winemaker

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Barnaby: When I was in the third grade, um, my teacher, I think it was Mrs. Rommel had a meeting with my parents and they said, you know, there's something wrong with Barney. He will never do his work the same as the other kids. He always has to find a different way to solve a problem.

Olga: Nothing will stop him. I thought he was a force of nature.
And even if it seems like it's not going to work.  Or it's impossible. Or we don't have enough money. And nobody thinks it's a good idea. And I don't know what is going to do next or tomorrow. And that used to scare me a lot. But now I just roll with it.

Barnaby: I guess, you know, turning over a different stone. Finding a different way to solve the problem. Curiosity is about finding something that's unknown. It's about alternatives. For whatever reason, psychologically, I've always been this way.

Everything happens and he's got his hands in everything. 
Barnaby's doing everything. And I think that's really unique and it's different.  And I think it, it shows in the wines.

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