Escher Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, 2019

ThereAfter Cabernet Sauvignon Escher Vineyard, 2019

This is our 2019 Escher Cabernet Sauvignon. It is the second vintage produced, and we made 75 cases. Escher is basically where everything started. It was the first vineyard that we started farming. It's the most beautiful one because it's on a mountain just south of St Helena, overlooking all of Napa Valley. It's probably our favorite place to work.

This is also the vineyard where we got married. In 2019, right before we harvested this vineyard, we had a quick wedding in the middle of harvest and then got back to work. The tasting notes on this one are, I mean, it's probably our most hedonistic delicious, complex wine. It has rich black fruits. It has beautiful espresso notes. It's the only time we've ever used a new oak barrel and it perfectly frames the fruit. The fruit on this wine can really handle a little bit of Oak. A nice little bit of espresso and vanilla. - Not all new oak though, just like 20% and the rest is neutral. We hope you enjoy Esther. It's really, it's a special wine. Share it with some special people or just drink it by yourself.

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