ThereAfter Grenache Village, 2019

ThereAfter Grenache Village, 2019

So in 2019, we made a wine we had never made before. We used some great Grenache from a place in Ukiah, Mendocino county called Cemetery Vineyard, and we fermented it 100%, whole cluster. So not exactly carbonic maceration, but similar in the freshness and the fruitiness. Lorenza stomped on it with her dainty little Italian feet.

And. That part of the maceration, the extraction brought out some really nice herbaceous flavors. So imagine fresh, fruity, a little bit spicy, a little bit herbal and just perfect for sipping on the porch on the end of a hot day or chilling a little bit, also works great at the dinner table or lunch or a casual lunch picnic.

Yeah. And we call it "village" because it's our red table wine. It's perfect for any casual occasion, but there's always something more to enjoy about it. The more you pay attention to it, the more there is. It's a very generous wine, but also very fresh and playful.

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