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All your recommendations in one place

Because “click the link in my bio” just isn’t cutting it anymore

Gather all your recommendations on one page

Every bottle in one place. No more long lists of links to different sites. Make it easy for your audience to follow your lead

Show Your Worth

Vinebase captures sales attribution for every purchase that comes through your Tastemaker profile. Wineries will see exactly how valuable you are

Drink more wine

We support you supporting small wineries. For every sale through your vinebase tastemaker profile you’ll get 15% to spend on other cool producers on the platform

Team up easily with your favorite wineries

When you started leading tastings were you thinking about shipping logistics? Host tastings with Vinebase, and let us deal with the stuff you don’t want to

You deserve better tools, so we’re building them

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Soon you'll be able to pick bottles from every winery on Vinebase. Give your audience the curated experience they’ve been asking for

Pre-Packaged Tasting Bundles

People love going to your tastings. Soon you’ll be able to pick a ready-made tasting buddle with built-in purchase tracking. You just have to promote and perform

Your own wine shop

Fully monetized online shop for your audience. With personalized virtual merchandising and your expert curation. “Carry” the wines you love, and support small producers while you do it

Running into Problems?

You’re a wine expert. We’ll handle the tech. Reach out and let us know what you need. We love solving problems.

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Frequently asked questions

What if I don’t know the wineries on Vinebase?
We want to help all small wineries, if you work with independent producers in California, Oregon or Washington let us know and we’ll work to get both of you onboard.
How can I connect my audience to my Vinebase Profile?
Once you're a tastemaker we'll set you up with a unique vinelink that you can embed in other channels.
Do you have a media or press kit?
Not at the moment, but if you're not sure what you’ll get out of tastemakers we’d love to talk to you, even if just to find out what we should build next.