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7 wines and 6 wineries
Olivia Wallach

Hi! My name is Olivia and have been in the wine industry for the last 6 years and live in Sonoma County. I can't wait for you guys to check out my picks!

11 wines and 8 wineries
Lyssa Hurvitz

Wine lover based in Florida, dedicated fan of big California Reds and borderline wine hoarder. You can find me at @wishesandwine on Instagram.

4 wines and 3 wineries
Brielle Buckler

Hi! I'm Brielle, founder of Viva la Vino and admitted wine geek. I believe wine is only good if YOU like it, so I'm here to help you find wines you'll love.

11 wines and 12 wineries
Paige Comrie

Uncorking wine confidence & everyday magic, one sip at a time. Follow me on IG @winewithpaige

3 wines and 6 wineries
Ashton @thewineMBA

You can find me sipping on small lot, sustainably farmed wines - typically juicy unoaked reds, Provençal rosé, or bubbles!

13 wines and 11 wineries
Kayla | Tannic and Lovely

✨Finding the best wines on Vinebase, so you don't have to✨💜 @tannicandlovely

14 wines and 10 wineries
Brianne Cohen

Wine Educator | International Wine Judge | Wine Writer 🍷 Virtual Vino Tastings 🍷 Helping you: Drink Better and Up Your Wine Game 🍷 @sommspirations

1 wines and 4 wineries
Devin Parr

SoCal Wine Gal Trained in Italy. Biz owner, mom, aspiring ninja. I love wines with purpose, personality, and pizza-pairability. Find me @thesocalwinegal.

13 wines and 13 wineries
Rachel Woods

Some know me as @the.wine.nerd, but really I'm just a geek who loves discovering small producers, drinking amazing wines, and sharing their story!

7 wines and 6 wineries
Tristan | Que Sera, Syrah

I'm the Dude on Instagram behind @quesera.syrah discovering wines that are unique AND boutique. Here are some of my favorites, I hope you'll enjoy them too!

11 wines and 9 wineries
Bill Newman | @billwine5

Bill the Wine Guy | WSET Level 3 📚 | Oregon Wine Expert | American Wine Expert | Accidental Orange 🍊 Farmer & Orangecello Maker | Occasional Globetrotter

5 wines and 4 wineries
Alexander McMillen

🤓 Technologist by day, WSET 3 🤞 🍷 wine nerd and spirits investor by night. Follow along on my journey to find some amazing wines. @alexandermcmillen

7 wines and 7 wineries
Caroline du Pape

I'm Caroline, a small town girl & wine lover. I share my passion for all things wine at @carolinedupape. Let's connect you to small producers you need to know!

3 wines and 2 wineries
Lisa | Uncork with Lisa

Passionate in helping small wineries get discovered by sharing their wines with others through virtual tastings and social media. Find me on IG@uncorkwithlisa

0 wines and 2 wineries
Wine Spencer

Two sisters with a desire to redefine what wine means among minority communities that have been traditionally not been catered to by the wine industry.

11 wines and 13 wineries
Kieran Klaassen

👋 I'm a co-founder at Vinebase. I'm delighted to share the wines I ❤️ & get excited about. Let me know what you think of them!

6 wines and 4 wineries
Monica | @pinotandpistols

Hi, I'm Monica! Since moving to Oregon, I've fallen madly in love with Pinot Noir 😍. I can't wait to share my favorite OR wineries with you! 🍷

0 wines and 0 wineries
Paul | WillametteWineConcierge.com

Personal Wine & Food Travel Concierge, and Wine Educator specializing in Willamette Valley. Here to help guide you during your Willamette Wine Adventure.

4 wines and 4 wineries
Kate Johnson

Hi! I'm Kate, I love sharing my love of wine + education + supporting small wineries with you! @survivesonwine | WSET 3 in progress