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Alexander McMillen May 20, 2021

"Hello World (and Vinebase)! This is my first post as a Tastemaker, and I鈥檓 so excited to get started and share my wine findings on Vinebase with you. I soon will have another shipment from Matthiasson on the way, so I figured that I would kick ..." Read more

Alexander McMillen Jul 5, 2021

"The perfect balance of fruit notes (strawberry, apple, peach, honeysuckle, and mango) and bright acidity in the Beehunter Pinot Noir Rose pairs great with Panang Curry (which I had last night) or even with a sausage right off the grill. As I writ..." Read more

Alexander McMillen May 28, 2021

"Having tried Topel鈥檚 wines in the past, I was excited to give Orsa & Alta Orsa wines a try after discovering them and realizing the winemaker is the same.聽 This discovery is really one of the major benefits of Vinebase, which connects you to sma..." Read more

Alexander McMillen Jul 7, 2021

"Detailed review to follow. 聽 For now, I'll leave you with some tasting notes on the Cabernet Franc.... 聽 Exceptional.聽 Notes of Red Cherry Pie, Stewed Strawberries, Raspberry, Black Currant.聽 Smooth, Soft Tannins and High Acidity.聽 Only 2 barrels..." Read more