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Alexander McMillen May 20, 2021

Napa Valley White, 2019

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My recommendation of the winery

Alexander McMillen May 20, 2021

Hello World (and Vinebase)!

This is my first post as a Tastemaker, and I’m so excited to get started and share my wine findings on Vinebase with you.

I soon will have another shipment from Matthiasson on the way, so I figured that I would kick off with a brief post about them.

Unlike the rest of my last Napa trip, I ended up with only a single picture from the Matthiasson vineyard in Oak Knoll, which seemingly does justice to how off the beaten path it was (and such a hidden gem it is).

68AE4379-48C0-4E85-A74B-6F02A9D592C6.jpeg 2.32 MB

At Matthiasson, the tasting was super relaxed. We sat at a picnic table with Jill and tasted through all of their wines.  Everything was fantastic, and I ended up shipping a plethora of bottles home.  Those bottles didn’t last very long (maybe a month?) before getting consumed.  For this reason, I definitely need to acquire more.

Once the next shipment is in, I will post some more content about their wines, along with some tasting notes. 

In the meantime, cheers!🍷 

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