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Alexander McMillen Jul 14, 2021

Pinot Gris Filigreen Farms, 2017

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My recommendation of the winery

Alexander McMillen Jul 5, 2021

The perfect balance of fruit notes (strawberry, apple, peach, honeysuckle, and mango) and bright acidity in the Beehunter Pinot Noir Rose pairs great with Panang Curry (which I had last night) or even with a sausage right off the grill.

As I write this review, I’m sitting in the pool enjoying what is left of the bottle from last night (don’t worry, if I wasn’t the only one having it, it definitely would’ve been gone already!)

With that said, I highly recommend this Rose for a warm summer day poolside.  I purchased this wine as part of their “Pick a Pack of Pinot” bundle (includes free shipping!) and really look forward to trying some of their other wines, additional updates to follow.

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On a side note, the Vinebase platform has really opened my eyes (and palate) to trying wines from many boutique wineries that in most cases aren’t in distribution.  Vinebase’s curated selection of wine, shipped directly from the independent wineries themselves, matched with feedback from myself and other Tastemakers with great “nerdy” wine details at your fingertips really make this platform a great way to explore wines that you likely wouldn’t otherwise try, but definitely will enjoy. 

Happy exploring!


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