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I'm Caroline, a small town girl & wine lover. I share my passion for all things wine at @carolinedupape. Let's connect you to small producers you need to know!

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Caroline du Pape Jun 25, 2021

"Eating something other than red meat but still want a Napa Cab? Make this refreshing wine your go-to. It's incredible food-friendly and complex. I think you're gonna love it."

Caroline du Pape Jul 14, 2021

"What I love about this wine is that it is somehow both easy drinking and serious at the same time. It has juicy notes of red fruits like pomegranate and raspberry with refreshing acidity and enough structure to give it some backbone. This is a fun, crushable red that is best enjoyed lightly chilled."

Caroline du Pape Jul 16, 2021

"This is a really cool wine! My first thought on the nose was that it smelled like a Southern Burgundy Chardonnay--a great surprise for this Old World wine lover! It has an excellent, long finish. This feels more serious to me than most Sauvignon Blancs, and was just delicious."

Caroline du Pape Jul 18, 2021

"I love this wine. It chooses finesse over power and the result is a complex, easy-drinking, food friendly, yummy wine. It has great, refreshing acidity and well-integrated tannins. I think you're going to love it."

Caroline du Pape Sep 14, 2021

"One of my all-time favorite producers is Oregon producer Teutonic Wine Company. I tried their rosé several years ago and have been absolutely hooked ever since. When Vinebase recently announced that Teutonic would be featured on their platform, I wanted to do a happy dance and jump for joy! Teutonic’s style is cool-climate, terroir-driven, and minimal intervention...or in other words, all the good things. The result is light-bodied, complex wines with good acidity and fantastic, interesting flavor. One of the Teutonic wines featured on Vinebase is the Bergspitze Pinot Noir, a high altitude Pinot Noir grown at the top of Bald Peak in the Chehalem Mountains. It was a juicy and earthy light-bodied and easy-drinking wine. It had notes of strawberry, sour raspberry, wet stone, and cherry cola. "