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​Hi! I'm Hailey, creator of @corkandfizz. I'm a wine enthusiast turned educator with a goal to make the world of wine more approachable and fun for everyone!

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Hailey Bohlman Jun 2, 2021

"This wine is incredibly aromatic, but in a very non-fruity way...and I love that! So much minerality and the acidity/body balance is perfect!"

Hailey Bohlman Jun 13, 2021

"Incredibly aromatic. Can't tell if it's the color, but I'm totally getting orange soda aromas. Tropical fruit: mango and passion fruit; some peach, almond, and maybe a hint of floral notes. Texture is great with med acidity, medium plus alcohol, light/med body and just enough tannin to make it interesting! Orange wine can be overwhelming but this one is interesting and delightful!"

Hailey Bohlman Aug 30, 2021

"Besides gasoline, this Riesling boasts aromas of lemon peel, apricot, green apple, and smoke. Flavor wise, it's light bodied with medium to high acidity."