multiple-hands Hand-harvested

In winemaking, hand-harvesting implies a certain level of artisanship. It’s often necessary when vineyards are on steep slopes or the grapes are delicate (such as Pinot Noir), but also may be utilized outside of necessity to ensure that only high-quality, pristine grapes make it back to the winery. 

Outside of hand-harvesting, what are the options? Other wineries may rely on machine picking, which refers to an over-the-row harvesting tractor that travels through the vineyards using rubber or fiberglass rods to shake the fruit off vines and into large reservoirs. 

While machine picking is arguably one of the most important advancements in the wine industry over the last 50 years, leading to the spread of good, affordable wine across the globe, hand-harvesting is still seen as the epitome of quality.

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