sunrise Noteworthy Topography

Winemakers often refer to the concept of “terroir” when discussing great wine. While there is no exact English translation for this French word, the concept encompasses the holistic view of where wine is grown, including: the shape of the land where the grapes are grown, the weather patterns experienced in a particular year, the underlying vineyard soil, and the area’s traditions affect the overall wine. 

When thinking about topography in wine, it’s pretty similar to this idea of “terroir”, encompassing the complete set of viticultural conditions and physical features of an area. Topography may include altitude, proximity to hills, inclined land portions, or areas close to bodies of water -- and all of these elements will have an effect on the way the grapes ripen and thus, the final wine produced. 

Wines labelled with “Noteworthy Topography” come from a range of exciting, beautiful places. Be sure to read the description of “what’s cool” on each product page!

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