wine/rose Rosé

Rosé is a state of mind. Here at Vinebase, we’re huge fans of the pink stuff! While it often gets all lumped together, rosé wines actually come in just as many different styles and varietals as white or red wines. 

Rosé is commonly made using one of 2 different methods: the maceration method (where the grape juice is left to sit on the red grape skins for a period of time, lending the pink hue) or the saignée method (during the first few hours of making a red wine, some of the juice is bled off and put into a new vat to make rosé. This produces a lovely rosé as well as concentrates the red wines’ intensity).  

Common varietals found in rosé include Pinot Noir, Grenache, Syrah, Tempranillo, and Sangiovese, but rosé can be made from any red varietal. Rosé is a perfect food wine due to its high-acidity, so be sure to include it in your shopping basket not only for pool-side sipping, but also for dinners all year round.

To get your #roséallday on, check out all the beautiful rosé listed on Vinebase below!

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