soil-bag Soil That Matters

Soil is the most interesting and often most misunderstood component of viticulture. It’s one of the most important factors, along with climate, that determine the overall quality of grapes at harvest.  

Viticulturalists must carefully consider soil, rainfall, elevation, and overall climate of an area when deciding what grapes to plant in a particular vineyard plot. It’s a complex equation that varies depending on each factor. 

Some of the most interesting vineyards have soil with ancient sea fossils in it, such as champagne, or are the perfect mixture of clay, sand, and loam. 

While great soil is absolutely crucial to producing great wine, the soil itself doesn’t actually impart flavors into the final wine. It’s more important for the drainage, temperature, and overall health of the vines. 

To understand more about the unique and varying soils, be sure to check out the description of “what’s cool” on each product page for these wines!

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