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Cheers, cheers, friends! While many people may reserve sparkling wine, such as Champagne, for special occasions only, we’re big believers that Sparkling wine is an everyday sipper! 

With high-acidity and generally neutral flavors, sparkling wine acts as a natural palate cleanser -- this means it’s the perfect pairing for just about any food you may be eating, or the perfect way to start off your wine tasting adventures. 

Sparkling wine is produced using a range of methods, although the most common two are the “traditional method” and the “tank method”. The traditional method is most commonly associated with Champagne and indicates that the sparkling wine in question was “bottle fermented”-- the wine went through its second fermentation (the stage in which bubbles are produced) in the bottle in which it is sold. In the tank method, the second fermentation takes place in a pressurized tank, rather than in a bottle. This decreases lees contact and produces larger, coarser bubbles.

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