The #WineCommunity50

A list of the Wine Community's Most Loved Wineries

We asked and you answered.

For one week, we asked wine lovers to nominate their favorite wineries, show them some love, and spread the word of #SupportingOurWineries.

Wine Lovers

Why does this matter?

Most of these wineries are small, and you probably haven't heard of many of them. But that's the beauty of this list. It's the wineries that have made an impact on our hearts, make delicious wines, and deserve more recognition than they may get otherwise. Here at Vinebase, we care deeply about supporting small wineries. Thanks for being part of this project with us.


The Vinebase Team 馃嵎

And these are the top 50.

Drumroll please... 馃憦馃憦馃憦

The Final Top 50 Most Loved Wineries