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Bee Hunter Wines are the brainchild of Ali and Andy DuVigneaud.  Andy was born in the heart of the Anderson Valley and has been a winemaker for over 20 years.   Ali "from the valley" arrived from Florida 9 years ago with a background in wine sales and a passion for wine country.   These two met, formed a partnership, and have created a solid buzz and a cult following for their wines.  

This winemaking power couple has a knack for finding the best fruit in Mendocino County and making the purest expressions from it.    They only work with growers that practice organic, biodynamic, and sustainable farming practices.  They are a small-batch operation, with no more than 200 to 500 cases per wine produced.   Winemaking is minimal intervention to make sure a 'sense of place' is found in every bottle.

About Us
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Owned by: Ali Nemo & Andy Duvigneaud
Winemaking by: Andy Duvigneaud
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Founded in: 2013


Loved by 5 Tastemakers
Chantam Duong Tastemaker

"Obsessed with the Bee Hunter Team, their radiant energy, and their passion for Mendocino wines."

Tristan | Que Sera, Syrah Tastemaker

"There are many things about Bee Hunter wine that makes it so lovable. There is the drive to the tasting room in Boonville, California, the amazing hospitality offered by owners Ali and Andy and of course the wine. At first I thought Bee Hunter is a reference to the delicious nectar they make  -  a play on words with honey so to speak. Of course, I was wrong. Ask about that story when you visit, because Bee Hunter Wine is a must visit. Until you can visit there are the wines. If you are looking for a wine that is as much of an expression of the terroir where the grapes do all the talking, Bee Hunter is your place. Andy, the winemaker, is a minimalist and he intervenes as little as possible making the wine. Ali told me he lets the wine do all the talking and just feels it as he goes. Mystical if you ask me.  If you are looking for a Rosé that somehow ages so well it doesn't. Bee Hunter. If you are looking for a Riesling that has the "petrol/gasoline" smell folks talk of (in every good way possible). Bee Hunter. If you are looking for a wide variety of Pinot Noirs. Yup. Bee Hunter. Until you can visit, I'd dabble in their wines if I were you."

Hailey Bohlman Tastemaker

"Taking inspiration from Old World style wines and adding their own organic twist, this woman led winery creates delectable wines that hit the spot! "