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Serious and unique, yet fun and unpretentious. For wine and horror lovers.

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Our story in a few words...

Peter and Anna are a husband and wife team that were brought together from opposite ends of the earth by a mutual love of horror and wine. Final Girl Wines is a blend of their two great passions.

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Located in Los Alamos, CA

Founded in:

Owned by:
Peter Lancucki, Anna Clifford

Winemaking by:
Peter Lancucki, Anna Clifford

Case produced per year:

Our story in a few more words

The Final Girl range is a genre lovers wine. Serious and unique, yet fun and unpretentious. We like to find and develop little gems from the vineyard and share them with the world. From dinners or BBQs, to movie nights with that special someone, our range of wines compliment your unique moment. And these are important, for the moments are all we have.
Cheers to all the horror lovers out there

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What our community says

Kayla | Tannic and Lovely Tastemaker

"Woman Owned | Female Wine Maker ✨ Those of you who know me, know that I love unique varietals and unexpected wines. I initially purchased wine from Final Girl because they have a strikingly beautiful orange Viognier and I haven't had one before. I ordered one of each of their wines because I have FOMO and am always worried that the wine I don't get might be the best one. The Petit Verdot was not for me, BUT their Chenin Blanc blew me away! It is SPECTACULAR and a MUST TRY. Absolutely delicious paired with sushi and would also be great with vegetarian meals like an herby salad. The Orange Viognier reminds me of my life in Turkey, snacking on dried fruit and walnuts with hot tea in the afternoons. It is begging to be paired with Moroccan food or anything with cinnamon, cardamom or turmeric."

Lyssa Hurvitz Tastemaker

"Final Girl Wines has some of my absolute favorite reds I’ve tried in the past year. Their Petit Verdot is out of this world, and the Tethered Red Blend is unforgettable. Also obsessed with the rosé and the Chenin Blanc too. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on these killer wines. [C1B92146-67A2-4ED8-9C31-2EFDFA2C9E83.jpeg]"

Ashton @thewineMBA Tastemaker

""For the final girl left standing when the last drop of wine hits the floor."⠀ ⠀ Final Girl Wines are made by husband + wife team Anna + Peter, who came together over a love of horror + wine. They say the wine is "Serious + unique, yet fun + unpretentious. For wine + horror lovers." The horror genre doesn't really resonate with me, but when I found their label on Vinebase, the wines sounded so good, ship to IN, and had a cool vibe, so I decided to give them a shot.⠀ ⠀ I am SO glad I did!⠀ ⠀ Since I don't watch horror movies, I didn't have a frame of reference for who a "final girl" is...but after a little research, I am fascinated + in love with this branding. A Vox article begins: "You know her when you see her. You relate to her. You root for her. You want to see her do well. Well, you actually just want to see her live."⠀ ⠀ The Final Girl is a horror film trope referring to the last girl alive to confront a killer. While she is first presented through the male (killer) point of view, as movies progresses, the narrative turns + the audience begins to identify with the girl. There's typically a predetermined formula for how the final girl survives + what traits she has, but more modern day films have begun to flip that script + have given final girls more awareness + agency. Vox ends by saying: "Today's Final Girls tell their own stories and control their own destinies (even if it means dying). They're badass. And that's even more of a reason to root for them.”💪🏻  ⠀ I got the Petite Verdot and the Red Blend - can't wait to open up the next bottle!⠀"

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