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Meadowcroft is the namesake of Winegrower Tom Meadowcroft. The meaning of Meadowcroft is a fertile field or meadow and croft refers to a cultivated area that has been nurtured over time. The honeybee on the label symbolizes this conscientious work and the process of transformation from wine grapes into an outstanding wine.


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A Toast From The Winemaker

As the winemaker I am ever in the pursuit of creating wines infused with an explosive strength of diverse character that strike a soulful chord. The zeal of creativity with which I am driven is inspired by the rich cultural experience from where Meadowcroft Wines originates.

I proudly focus on a wide array of beautiful varietals, from our Cabernet Sauvignon which is grown on our estate vineyard property located on the esteemed Mount Veeder in Napa, to Bordeaux grapes scrupulously sourced from sustainable vineyards around Dry Creek, Carneros, and Alexander Valley, I happily direct a global dialogue into my winemaking process.

My hope is to create wines with a Sonoma pulse that express the complexity found in European varietals. I invite you to raise a glass of Meadowcroft and wish you bountiful gatherings and many happy toasts!

Tom Meadowcroft
Owner and Winegrower

Tom Meadowcroft, Winemaker and Owner

Welcome to Meadowcroft Wines

Meadowcroft is affectionately named from winegrower Tom Meadowcroft. A “meadow” is a fertile field and “croft” is a cultivated area nurtured over time. Our logo is the honeybee, drawing inspiration from how bees transform nectar to honey and how we transform grapes to wine in a sustainable fashion.

Meadowcroft Wines have received accolades from the Sunset International Wine Competition, Wine Enthusiast, Sommelier Company, and the SF Chronicle, to name a few. In 2019, Meadowcroft was named one of the Top 100 Wineries in Bonfort’s Wine and Spirits Journal.

Our Grapes

Our Mount Veeder Vineyard is located in Napa, CA at 12,000 ft elevation. Rich with sedimentary clay and volcanic soils, our vineyard produces vines with tiny berries that are intensely concentrated in flavor and contain soft tannins.

We also source grapes from the following vineyards in Sonoma and Anderson Valley.

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Owned by: Tom Meadowcroft
Winemaking by: Eric Hess, Peter Kirilov
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Founded in: 1999