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Our story in a few words...

James and Lorenza organically farm vineyards in Napa to produce a dazzling lineup of wines for exploration and enlightenment.

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Located in Santa Rosa, CA

Founded in:

Owned by:
Lorenza Bazzano Allen & James Allen

Winemaking by:
Lorenza Bazzano Allen & James Allen

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Our story in a few more words

This is the story of an Italian and an American who met while studying winemaking in France. They joined forces years later to rehabilitate tiny vineyards in Napa Valley, source from other great farmers, and use their combined experience to make vibrant, expressive wine.

There is no beginning and no end to this tale. Every wine has its own storyline, so we simultaneously exist in the past, present, and future. The same holds true in the vineyards, where memories of past vintages, the current stage of growth, and future seasons factor into each decision.

ThereAfter Wine Company started as a side project, staying after work at the winery to make some special home-brew. Soon we were growing our own fruit from a tiny, mountain vineyard in Napa Valley. Moonlighting gave a purpose to our passions: organic viticulture, low-intervention enology, and making wines we loved to drink. Before long we were adding more vineyards and finding that our project had started to have an identity all its own.

Time spent with the vines and techniques learned from working with great winemakers around the world have allowed us to create distinctive wines that express the best attributes of where they’re grown. Harvesting on the early edge of ripeness gives the wines a clear lineage to the places they grow and, most importantly, draw you in for another sip.

Each bottle of ThereAfter is an artful combination of our dreams, hard work, and serendipity. It’s the evolution of fruit that grew in an ecosystem, not just a farm. We believe that the life thriving around the grapevines gives the wine something extra, and we hope you feel it as you sip it too.

James & Lorenza

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What our community says

Caroline du Pape Tastemaker

"ThereAfter Wine Co. describes their wines as “wines with story lines.” This idea resonates with me so much: One of the reasons I fell in love with wine is because every glass contains the history of a region, a piece of land, a winemaker, and a grape. I have a deep appreciation for winemakers who make wine with those connections in mind.  Part of ThereAfter’s story is this: Winemakers Lorenza and James started growing their own fruit from a tiny, mountain vineyard in Napa Valley they revamped as a side project. This allowed them to focus on the viticultural and winemaking practices that most resonated with them, utilizing organic and biodynamic viticulture and a minimal intervention approach. The result? Distinctive wines that reflect a vineyard full of life. I recently ordered their three-wine bundle from Vinebase, and was so excited when these beautiful bottles arrived at my home. Even the artwork on the label by artist William Horton reflects their philosophy: pure and precise while still being expressive and complex. I couldn’t wait to open my first bottle and enjoy the fruit of their labor."

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