Riesling Greenwood Ridge Vineyards, 2014

Produced by Bee Hunter Wine

From organically grown grapes in the famous Greenwood Ridge Vineyard high atop the Mendocino Ridge. This vintage is still poppin' fresh with zingy acidity but has the viscosity and touch -- really just a touch -- of sweetness to handle any kind of food.

Icons/location pin Anderson Valley, Mendocino, California
Icons/wine/white Alsace-style Riesling
Icons/star Limited wine (200 cases produced)

The details

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  • Tannin
  • Body
  • Acidity
  • Sweetness
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Food Pairing

Ceviche, Citrus Salad, Fish Tacos, Suckling Pig, Asian Cuisine

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Tasting Notes

Apricot, Apple, Peach, Smoke, Honeycomb

What's cool?

Almost Sold Out

30cs remain from a vineyard we no longer have access to. That's why we always bee huntin' for special places!

Organic Farming

As is the nature of Mendocino farming, organic methods to ensure a sustainable place for future generations, was on Alan Green's mind when he planted these gorgeous vines. No harmful chemicals or pesticides are used.

High Altitude Vineyard

The vineyards here lie at least 1000 feet above the fogline where the Anderson Valley meets the Mendocino Ridge AVA. Nicknamed "Islands in the Sky" because when you stand atop of them in the morning, you can look down and see nothing but fog. It's like a scene from Avatar!

Anderson Valley, Mendocino, California

Bee Hunter Wine

Discover world class wine from hidden vineyards throughout Mendocino and Sonoma Counties. We always Bee Huntin' for organically grown, sustainable and biodynamic farms.

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Nerdy Details

What's in the bottle
Riesling (100%)
ABV: 13.2%
Residual sugar: 0.65 g/l
Riesling from Greenwood Ridge Vineyards, Anderson Valley (100%). Harvested at 0.65 brix .
Fermentation: Fermented in steel
Aged in bottle